Linda Schmidt

Date: September 02, 2012
Equipment Used: Bear Element: Compound Bow
Location: Taylorsville, Kentucky
Pictured (left to right): "Sticky 2" (deer) and Me
Trophy Size: 7 Point Buck in Velvet: 1st Buck Bow Kill
Trophy Species: Whitetail Deer
Story: We had been watching this deer for months. We named him Sticky 2. I was hunting from my husband's ground blind. It was getting later in the evening when I finally saw some movement and realized this Sticky 2. I was a bit nervous as you can imagine. He made his way in to about 20 yards and presented a great broadside shot. I raised my bow, pulled back, and let the arrow fly. I hit him low on his shoulder, which caused my Muzzy 3-Blade and arrow to deflect downward causing extreme damage to this animal. He immediately jumped high in the air and bolted to my right. Shortly after that I heard that wonderful crashing sound. I waited about an hour and got my husband. We tracked the blood trail and first found my blood soaked arrow, then found my first bow-kill buck piled up 25 yards from where I arrowed him. That white tummy was a fantastic sight and was a sigh of relief. We found my deer! A great day for me and Schmidt Valley Farm in Taylorsville, Kentucky.

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