Suzie Blevin

Date: September 19, 2011
Equipment Used: .30-.30 Marlin open sites. 50 yards with LEVERevolution ammo
Location: Northern California
Pictured (left to right):
Trophy Size: Rack width 24.5 inches, rack height 15 inches, 3 x 3
Trophy Species: Blacktail Deer
Story: Shot my deer while sitting in my camp chair. He was huge! It was a straight on low-neck/high-chest shot. (Not an ideal shot, but I had extra stability with sitting down and having support for my elbow.) I was sitting between two deciduous trees and had my camo coat on. I had hunted the area three or four days straight and decided to come up the hill and sit. I was drinking coffee when I saw a huge buck with huge rack come up the hill on my left. He looked toward me several times, but I held as still as possible; chambering a shell and moving into position each time he looked away. I hoped the tree branches broke up my form so as not to spook the buck. It seemed like a long time, but tried to hold my composure and wait for the shot. I chose the neck because I'm a good shot and knew my rifle and the LEVERevolution ammo was a great combination for success. It was a spot-on shot with virtually no loss of meat! Everyone in the family was so shocked that I shot my first buck. Not only that, but I processed the deer all by myself; from hanging and skinning to butchering and packaging. That was a whole lot of buck! I'm thankful.

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