Tim Walker

Date: November 30, 2012
Equipment Used: Compound Bow
Location: Georgia
Pictured (left to right): Tim Walker
Trophy Size: 8 points, 210 pounds
Trophy Species: Whitetail Deer
Story: I killed this buck on public land in Georgia. It weighed 210 lbs. My brother went scouting during the middle of the day, during the gun season and got lost. He heard the highway and headed for it. During his walk he found a fresh scrape and then came to the road. He hitch-hiked back to the dirt road where we were parked and walked the dirt road to the truck. We then drove to the highway and parked. It was getting late and we wanted to hunt that evening. My brother said he found another spot on his walk where he could see an valley as well. So, I sat on the ground below the scrape and my brother went to the valley. The 8 point came out of a thicket and when I saw him he was 31 yards away. I shot once and he went down. I think my brother was happier than I was!

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One Response to “Tim Walker”

  1. ed krock

    nice job tim .I love to see public land trophies posted.it is ultimate hunting.i hope encouraging stories like yours will keep younsters interested in our great sport.i also hunt public land in pa and have been fortunate enough to take some trophies as well.congrats.on a nice trophy