Under Armour Fat Tire Boots in camo

Under Armour® Fat Tire Boots. Finally…fatter is better.

Inspired by the surging popularity and comfortable, all-terrain ride of fat tire bicycles, Under Armour® has developed Fat Tire Boots, a funky new style of hiking boot that is sure to be one of the hottest products of Spring 2016. Finally, fatter is better, which is feel-good news for those of us who will never be in danger of being called skinny.

With an unmistakably beefy rubber outsole. UA Fat Tire Boots put moon-boot-like cushion into every step you take, plus UA Charged Cushioning absorbs impact and returns energy to keep you moving and grooving across challenging terrain.

Guide Outdoors Under Armour Fat Tire Boots

Why fatter is better

Just like the thicker tires on fat tire bikes, the oversized outsole of Under Armour Fat Tire Boots puts more of the tread in contact with the ground, resulting in more stability and better traction, especially on slick and loose surfaces. It’s like wearing monster truck tires on your feet! And no wonder…the outsole was developed in partnership with the experts at Michelin® tires.

Foul weather friends

I’ve had my share of fair weather friends…they’re great for good times, but when the going gets rough they fade. Well, UA Fat Tire Boots are just the opposite. When the skies are grey, they’re at their best.  UA Storm technology and GORE-TEX® membrane construction keep your feet nice and dry, making these “foul weather friends” ideal for all-season wear. They’re perfect for unpredictible weather, and a reliable go-to for staying active despite wet or snowy conditions.

Closing time

Another unique feature of Fat Tire Boots is the Boa® Closure System that tightens easily and more evenly than traditional laces. That means a better fit. And, it allows for fast, easy removal of the Boots. Just pop the knob and they instantly loosen up, so you quickly slip them on/off without struggling with laces.

They look…different. And different is cool

Do they look strange? Absolutely. But that’s part of the appeal. If you’re the type that’s gotta have the latest thing and doesn’t mind a little attention, then these Boots are must-haves.

The Bottom Line…

If you’re looking for supreme, foot-cushioning comfort in rugged, all-weather Boots that fit well, are built to last and grip the earth like a mythical dirt-diving land octopus, Under Armour® Fat Tire Boots are an excellent choice. Just be prepared to answer the question, “Where did you get those things?!” Tell ’em, “At Sportsman’s Guide!”

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8 Responses to “Under Armour® Fat Tire Boots. Finally…fatter is better.”

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    Wes Christensen

    An absolutely great idea. Sure hope these come in wide and half sizes.

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    William R Treadway

    My youngest son is 18, is 6’8″, and wears a size 17 boot. If these are made in that size please let me know!!

  4. Avatar

    Mark Hulvey

    They look great. Are the soles air filled? Do you need to carry fix a flat with you? Puncture resistant?

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    A couple more pictures would have been nice, but they’re an interesting concept for sure!

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    thomas kelley


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    Bill Billins

    These fat tire boots are ideal for the terrain here in New Mexico. Under Armour is also a great brand which stands behind their quality, they add stability which is a plus.