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For those not familiar with us, we are a one-stop resource of outdoor information to help make your time spent in the Great Outdoors more enjoyable! Guide Outdoors hunting, fishing, camping adventure articles, tips and gear reviews debuted on Sportsman’s Guide more than 10 years ago SO, we decided to give it a face lift with a new look.

We are still, however, an outdoor community by outdoorsmen and women, for outdoorsmen and women.

Guide Outdoors is now a major part of Sportsman’s Guide’ website. Think of it as an online magazine that is constantly being updated with great new articles and news. It’s a place to read an outdoor tip to make you more successful, read about an outdoor adventure you may want to put on your “bucket list,” check out some new gear, ask a question or comment on something your read, see a cool video, and, best of all, you can now to share your own adventure, neat scenic photo, tasty recipe, or game or fish success photo!

Maybe you are going to buy a crossbow this year? Check out all you need to know about one in one of our Buying Guides to help you make an informed buying decision. Leaving in a few days for a hunting, fishing or camping trip? Print out one of our Gear Checklists to make sure you are prepared.

Another neat new feature is our state-by-state section where you can click to find news, events, and valuable links to great outdoor destinations in the state you reside or plan to visit. It will also be a place for you to read about outdoor news/events, hunting/fishing info, in your own state, the best time to fish and hunt there, find a map, print a gear checklist, peruse ballistic or arrow shaft charts, or even get the weather forecast for your time outdoors. So come back often to see our regular updates as we are constantly adding informative links and articles to help make your next adventure in the Great Outdoors a great one!

To help you be more prepared and increase your odds of success, you will want to check out what our Featured Experts have to say:

  • Babe Winkelman shares his many years of fishing and hunting experiences
  • Ron Spomer has hunted on six continents , written seven books, and will help you be a better shooter
  • Do-It-Yourself Bowhunter Eddie Claypool has harvested 63 Pope & Young animals including 35 whitetails, and his pointers will improve you as a bowhunter
  • Gary Clancy has hunted whitetail deer in 20 different states and provinces and has authored or co-authored six hunting books, four on whitetail hunting
  • Dr. Dave Samuel, studied deer for 30 years as a wildlife management professor and bowhunted for more than 40 years; he will answer your questions on whitetails
  • Jason Dommeyer has a lifetime of hunting experience and 15 years’ experience as a dog trainer
  • FLW Tour Pro Bass Angler Jim Moynagh has won over $1.2 million fishing tournaments, and will help you catch more bass
  • Hall of Fame Angler Ted Takasaki will provide tips on multiple species to increase your catch
  • Tom Watson is an avid camper, kayaker, book author, and lived in Alaska for 16 years, so he knows a lot about camping
  • Sally O’Neal will get you excited about hiking and also share her travel adventures
  • PLUS, other experts, such as Dave Henderson will offer muzzleloading tips, Todd Bromley will help you shoot that crossbow better, Tony Dolle will inform about ATV/UTV riding tips, and Terry Tuma will cover ice fishing,

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