Civil War Loot

This is probably a little different twist on the pics you normally get. I’m an avid Civil War buff and actively look for Civil War relics whenever I have a spare moment. Recently, I was at a search at a large farm near Brandy Station, Virginia. This was site of largest cavalry battle in North America and the farm also housed elements of the 6th Corps during the Winter of 1863-64.

The picture provided is one of those rare times when karma, skill and luck all came together for a very fortunate digger, Jeff B. I was about 100 yards away when I heard all sorts of whooping and hollering. I thought I heard something along the lines of “gold coin.” So a buddy and I wandered over to the location. What you see in the pic is what all the yelling was about – $20 gold piece (1859), $5 dollar gold piece (1859-C(harlotte)), a $2.50 gold piece, 5 Seated Liberty Half Dollars (all dated 1859), and an eagle breastplate. All came from the same hole. From appearances, this detectorist got into a cache most likely hidden by a Union officer during the winter camping season. Why it was left there, we’ll never know, but it sure made the hunt for this lucky digger and everyone else in the general vicinity. These types of finds just don’t happen every day.

Photographer Name: Cory D. Rind
Date: October 24, 2014
Location: Brandy Station, Culpeper, Virginia

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