WVU Rifle Doesn’t Really Miss Too Often.

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If you love target shooting, check this out! The West Virginia University Rifle Team recently closed out the NCAA Season with a perfect record and #1 overall ranking. Over the course of the season, WVU beat opponents by an average of 46.3 points. That also included breaking an NCAA scoring record, then breaking THAT record just four days later.

Courtesy of WVU Rifle Facebook
WVU Rifle Team in action earlier this year.

College Rifle consists of two events: air rifle and smallbore. In air rifle, shooters stand and shoot¬†.177-caliber lead pellets from about 11 yards out. Shooters get 105 minutes for 60 shots and the bullseye is a half millimeter wide‚Ķbasically about the size of the period at the end of this¬†sentence. The guns are¬†air or gas-powered and have¬†metallic sights. In smallbore, shooters use .22-caliber rifles and shoot from prone, standing and kneeling positions at targets about 17 yards downrange. Shooters get 120 minutes for 20 shots from each position and the bullseye is a millimeter. Rifles have metallic sights and can be customized to¬†the shooter’s preference.

In each event, an individual perfect score is 600. At the conference championship, WVU shooters were hitting in the upper 590s, with first place coming in at 598. That is NOT a lot of room left for anything but darn-near perfect! And as a team, WVU averaged a score of 4722.66 while opponents shot 4659.8.

Next up, WVU Rifle defends its National Title by shooting for a¬†qualifying score. Last year I wrote about their 17th National Championship¬†victory. And if all this talk about Rifles¬†gets you in the mood to do some shooting, check out our air guns and BB guns¬†as well as rifles, shotguns and handguns/pistols at Sportsman’s Guide¬ģ!

For more pics and news, follow West Virginia Rifle on Facebook and Twitter. #HailWV

Photo credit: All-Pro Photography/Dale Sparks Photo

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